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    Thanks to its ingenious design, you can quickly and precisely set your hook without inflicting any additional damage on the fish – making it ideal for catch-and-release angling. The secret lies in its high-tension stainless steel spring, which activates as soon as a fish takes your bait, allowing you to ensure that each catch gets fastened securely

  • Don’t settle for mediocre fishing. With the Flux Bomber, you can be twice as successful as with traditional “plopper” lures and ten times more effective than any other lure on the market! In addition, with its unique design, the Flux Bomber can cover more area than other lures and create a greater water disturbance, attracting more fish.

  • Give that special someone the Ultimate Pro Tackle Kit: a complete accessories kit for any fisherman this holiday season! With everything needed to catch the perfect fish all stored neatly in one place, you’ll save time and money searching for necessary items. Plus, it’s an amazing gift option – making this extra holiday special with just one purchase!

  • Tackle any fishing, camping, or outdoor adventure with confidence and ease! Easily remove fish hooks, cut off tangled lines, and prevent further injuries to the catch – perfect for catch & release. This must-have item is a no-brainer for sports fishermen, campers, hikers, outdoorsmen, and adventurers.


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I’ve had this lure for about a week, and I’ve caught over 12 basses on it already. I live in Florida, and this lures simply a miracle! Highly recommend it. It’s a game-changer.
Good swimming action, though they are small. I’ve bagged some ladyfish and black bass with them. They’ve also held up well after using them for about three months.
Every cast had action! These are as close as you get to that in lure form. I went to a public lake and caught 15 basses this weekend. 11 or 12 were with these little lures.