Why catch just one when you can hook a whole school? 🎣 The Fishing Vault Fully Rigged 5 Arms 8 Bladed Umbrella Rig Bass Lure is your cheat code to a legendary fishing day with buddies 🐟. Be the envy of every fisherman out there as you reel in the biggest catches, one after another.

What sorcery is this?, you'd imagine the fish wondering as they get drawn in by the allure of the irresistible Shad School. No fishy can resist the tantalizing flashdance💃 of eight willow leaf blades, wiggling provocatively beneath the surface. Whispering to bass in a language that excites, taps into their primal and simple logic: Food is near, and it's a party - a shad party! 🎉

Measuring in at 20cm from the head tip to the end of its arms💪, this lure assures adequate space for the swim baits, ensuring they don't get in each other’s way – all the better for the convincing school of shad imitation.

The colour, a stunning blend of grey, white and black, mimics nature's own canvass of the shad fish. Ideal for any time in the year and any water clarity, Bass Fish simply can't help but take the bait, hook, line and sinker!

Now, for the fun part! This beauty comes fully rigged, equipped with 5 arms and 8 Willow Leaf Blades. It doesn't end there; it also includes 5 exquisite 9cm-long Swim Baits and 5 impressive 7g Jig Head. Now, that's what we call angler’s heaven in a box.

Our favorite fake review? That’s got to be from Bertie, a self-professed amateur angler, who gleefully shared, Caught the tin can I'd tossed into the water ten years ago and a journal from a shipwrecked sailor! All on my first try! 🚢

So why wait? Dive into a fantastic fishing adventure with the Fishing Vault Fully Rigged 5 Arms 8 Bladed Umbrella Rig Bass Lure. Grab yours today, and you’ll be baiting, hooking and reeling in the big ones faster than you can say “blow me down!”

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