Roll up, roll up, get your hands on the almighty KastKing ReKon Round Baitcasting Fishing Reel 🎣! Perfect those who hate limits and love a good challenge!

Why, you ask? Because our two handle options have got you covered for different fish types. Facing a feisty trout or a wily walleye? The double paddle handle with plush EVA grips ensures your hands stay comfy while your trophy fish fights back. Or maybe you're aiming to snatch up a salmon or snatch a striped bass, our Power Handle, complete with a cozy round knob, leverages your hold for those larger lovelies 🐟. Slapstick comic, Bob, writes, I once caught a fish so big even the loch ness monster was jealous! Thanks, KastKing!

But there's more! We've kept it simple yet spacious. Don't worry, your extensive line of suitors (aka fishing lines) such as leadcore, heavy braid, or powerful monofilament, they all have room here. You'll have 250 yards (size 10), and 320 yards (size 20 and 30) of line space - enough to draw your own ocean, or so says poetic angler, Serena, It's like having a sea in my pocket.

Talking about power 🚀! The ReKon Line Counter is like the superhero of fishing reels, using a suave, carbon disc drag that delivers a whomping 30 lbs (25lb for size 10) of fish-stopping power. Plus, the line clicker function is so simple, it'll have you releasing planer boards like blowing bubbles.

But we know, all good works of art 🎨 have quality at their core. The KastKing ReKon reels are built with the bravest components—3 double shielded, stainless-steel ball bearings, precision machined brass gears, high-quality steel pinion gear, and line guide shaft. It's like fishing with the Optimus Prime of reels!

Is there more? You bet! Presenting, the Rekon Line Counter Trolling Reel. Be it the Salmon serenade or the Trout tiff, this reel, available in 3 special sizes, is perfect for all. And it has an uber-accurate mechanical line counter, helping you keep your bait right where the fish are hosting the party 🥳.

Just remember what enthusiastic user Joy had to say: The ReKon reel is so powerful, I'm convinced it could reel in Moby Dick! So, buy now and experience unparalleled fishing prowess with KastKing ReKon Round Baitcasting Fishing Reel!

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