Here's a genuine, 100% American treat that comes with a side of-whimsy and a load of practicality, folks - the Quik Measure Pro Fish Ruler! Handcrafted at home in the good ol' USA, each of these 36-inch marvels is lovingly prepared by our very own family-run business. 🇺🇸💪

What do you get in this delightful package? Why, some warm-hearted guides with step-by-step instructions to ensure outstanding performance. Also thrown in the deal are some dutiful surface cleaning wet-wipes – the unsung heroes making sure your fish measuring sticker sticks like a devoted best friend for the longest time. 👭💖

Our fishing rulers are not just good; they're downright sturdy little soldiers resolute on performing their duty come rain, shine, or blizzard. 🌧️☀️❄️Imagine a matte overlaminate that can durablely withstand anything, from the relentless torment of saltwater to the irritating persistence of soap.

Our fearless rulers are perfect for that impromptu fishing photo op you've been dreaming about, sporting sizable numbers with a matte finish to make those catches look even more impressive. 📸🐟And to top it all off, our rulers are the chameleons of the adhesive world, thanks to a transparent design featuring bold markings that spectacularly stand out on any surface, light, dark or in between.

One of our jocular customers reviewed it as “the Arnold Schwarzenegger of fish rulers. It's tough, it's weatherproof and it wields a total recall of measurements!” 😂

Our take? Don't lower your standards to those who-knows-where-they-come-from alternatives. Remember, folks, quality over quick fixes! Frugality is no virtue when it leads to repeat purchases. Buy it cheap, buy it twice? Not on our watch! This is Quik Measure Pro Fish Ruler - made in USA and built to last!

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