Roll up, roll up, fellow fishing enthusiasts! 🎣 Gear up for a summer of sensational catches with the Rebel Lures Crickhopper Cricket/Grasshopper Crankbait Fishing Lure. Measuring in at a mighty 1 1/2 inch and weighing a whopping 1/4 - 3/32 ounce, this fire-tiger colored critter poses as the perfect appetizer for any lunker lurking around.

Borrowing its fantastic features from the game of nature itself, our Crickhopper is kitted out in a super-realistic grasshopper costume, fooling even the savviest of fish. It may not be an insect muncher's Michelin star meal, but trust us, it'll do till the real thing comes along! 🌿🦗

Word around the water-body is that this fishing lure reigns supreme, producing spectacular results when used in dams and reservoir tailraces or lakes. Jackie The Bass Whisperer says, It's like a fast food drive-thru for the fish, they can't resist the rebel lure's charm! 👍

The Crickhopper's unique trait? It splendidly imitates a drowning grasshopper when it's twitched on top. And if you listen closely, you might hear the collective 'yums' of excited bass or panfish, just waiting to snap it up! But wait, there's more! In its disguise, the Crickhopper can double up as both a topwater and a crankbait.

Ideal for summer and fall fishing, the Crickhopper Ultralight Waking Crankbait is a must-add to your tackle box if you're hunting for bass, trout, or other gamefish. One Reel Wrangler even humorously remarked, My fish went rebel, and now they're hook-line-and-sinker for the Crickhopper! 🎉🎣

So don't just sit dockside, dive in, and discover the fun with our Rebel Lures Crickhopper Cricket/Grasshopper Crankbait Fishing Lure - Making waves as a fish's favorite faux fast food since its inception. 🏆

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