Duckinator 3000

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The Duckinator 3000 is not just any lure. It is designed with one thing in mind, to catch those mean-looking mothers of fish you always dreamed of. You know, those trophy Apex Predator fish that your friend once caught many summers ago by pure dumb luck and have never stopped bragging about since. Now armed with the Duckinator 3000 series lures, you can live up to the expectation of the legendary fisherman that you always knew you were.

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The Duckinator 3000 is not just any lure.  IIt is designed with one thing in mind, to catch those mean looking mother of fish you always dreamed of. You know, those trophy Apex Predator muskie or pike that your friend once caught many summers ago by pure dumb luck, and have never stopped bragging since.  Now armed with the Duckinator 3000 series lures, you can too, live up the expectation of the legendary fisherman that you always knew you were.

The Duckinator 3000 comes in 3 different flavors (for the fish), our team of engineers in research and development worked for months to formulate a perfect nomenclature for these 3 models for both easy to remember and easy to identify.   We are proud to present:

131549 b7228fFeatures:
  • 2 strong and sharp treble hooks
  • Realistic 3D eyes
  • High-resolution body detail
  • Realistic duck action in the water
  • Durable ABS material contributing to long service life


  • Color: 5 colors and 3 sizes available
  • Material: ABS
  • Length: Approx. 7/10/15 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 10g/35g/90g
  • Hook Size (Treble Hooks): DUCK1 #2, DUCK2 2/0#, DUCK3 #8


Duckinator 3000 is so realistic, the only thing that’s missing is the quack.

Our Duck1 Series is also known as the diving ducks.  It is modeled after those kamikaze ducklings that have no regard for their own safety and wants to “swim with the fishes”.  Due to the weight and design, you can cast a Duck1 bait afar and crank it in with its tail wiggling, taunting even the friendliest fish in the water.

The Duck2 Series is a monster of a bait.  It is a topwater lure that pretends to be a nice little juicy duckling waiting for the right fish to jump up and sweep it off its feet (quite literally).  It is also known as the “catfish” of ducks, you know, like a 45-year-old man with a beer gut with a picture taken in his twenties as his profile picture on Facebook… Wait a minute, isn’t that our support manager Peter?

The Duck3 Series is the same as Duck2, but only smaller, and the second treble hook is got silicone skirts for added attractiveness (that is, if you are into that kind of thing).  If you are content with smaller catches, then you should be happy with this lure.  Of course, if fish in your pond are small, they won’t go for Duck1 or Duck2, then the Duck3 is your man (duck).  Obviously, with the addition of silicone skirts, Duck3 may look more attractive to some fish, so try it out even if you are going after those monster catches. (Just a side note, we heard it works with humans too, we’ll ask Peter to test this theory and let you know 🙂 )

Variety is the spice of life…

It’s said that variety is the spice of life, and it is so very true when it comes to our lures.  With 5 different designs to taunt those muthafishes, you need to get our Mega Combo of all 15+1 lures!  At the very least, get the trio combo of 3, making sure all your bases are covered.

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Our Duckinator 3000 lures are guaranteed (to piss off pikes, catfish, gars, GT, etc…), make sure you have a good strong rod and appropriate pound test fishing lines.  We are not responsible if a northern pike or a muskie takes your Duckinator because your rod broke or fishing line snapped.  You have been warned.

Product Description (Official Duckinator 3000 Propaganda).

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Additional information

Brand Name



Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Ocean


Hard Duck Lure

Model Number







Artificial Duck lure

Swim Action



5 colors


3 size

5 reviews for Duckinator 3000

  1. Kendra

    Bought this as a gift for my Boyfriend, he loved it and thought it was so unique. He couldn’t wait to try it out, said it was a lot better than he expected and stayed on top of the water

  2. Kyle C

    Had success fishing my buddies so purchased for myself. Very lifelike

  3. Susan B

    This was given as a Christmas gift to a musky fisherman and it was well received.

  4. Jr

    Looks really awesome in the water. Waiting for a monster bass to eat it tho. Had one huge hit, it scared me.

  5. Tim

    Of all crazy things—I was fishing with this and nothing, nothing, nothing, and was getting ready to try something different. So I had tossed it out and got distracted by my wife needing help with some issue in the boat, and so I set my pole down. I went to go back to it and wind this back, and I couldn’t see it anywhere. I thought for a second it had floated under the boat or ?? I just didn’t know, so I pulled on the line and found out why- I had the fight of my life on my hands. I was using 40lb braid- primarily because that was what was on the bait caster and- I didn’t want to lose this thing when I was casting it- so what came with the duck? How about a 15lb channel catfish. It apparently had seen this thing sitting there and quietly cruised up and just ate it. Then, he went back down under his tree or whatever place he lives and sat waiting for another opportunity. I, of course, spoiled the party when I wanted my duck lure back and winded it in.

    That was the one and only time I used it, and that result was very impressive. I do not know how well these would work or not work with bass or pike or whatever, but on that day, it worked flawlessly on a big channel catfish. Even though this duck got almost swallowed, it still is in good condition, I had some work to dig it out, and at the same time save the fish who went back into the depths to do this again someday. What saved the fish was the hooks are tight against the duck’s body. when I started retrieving the duck, the hook caught the catfish in the lip. I think this could be an issue with bass- and you might want to attach a “Stinger” hook- a trailing hook- because these hooks are going to take a beast of a hookset to do the job.

    The lure did its job, I have to give it 5 stars. One thing, make sure you have some hefty test line and a strong rod- because this thing flies when you cast it. (not literally- but it goes far and I could see people breaking line)

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