Mecha Minnow

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Introducing the revolutionary Mecha Minnow – a mechanized lure guaranteed to give you an edge over your competition. This game-changing tackle has a built-in LED light that gives a realistic glow, making it stand out from all other lures in its class. Plus, the two-color designs are designed for both Fresh and Saltwater Fishing!


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Mecha Minnow

The Mecha Minnow is our newest line of Robotic lures. It is a secret weapon that will keep you on top of your game.  What makes the Mecha Minnow different than all other lures is the combination of the built-in LED light and the subtle vibration it produces underwater, which attracts gamefish from miles away.  When you combine that with a fluid like swimming motion and encased steel balls, you have the perfect bait that no gamefish can resist.

The Mecha Minnow comes in 2 different color designs and perfectly suitable for Fresh and Saltwater fishing.  Each comes with 2 ultra-sharp 4# treble hooks and charges in a couple of hours, providing over 3 hours of fishing time. It is as easy as charging your cellphones; simply clamp-on and plug it in, no hassles and no worries.





  • Superb Performance In Fresh or Saltwater
  • Ultra High-Resolution Body Detail
  • Holographic Paint Finishes That Glistens
  • UltraSharp TREBLE Hooks #4
  • 3D Mesmerizing Eyes
  • Fish-attracting fluid swimming action
  • Fish Call Bopping Sound
  • Patent-Pending Buzz Vibration
  • LED Flash For Both Day & Night Fishing, Clear or Dingy Water Condition.


  • Lure Type: Crank/Jerk Bait
  • Lure Length: 116 mm / 4.3″
  • Hooks: Rigged with UltraSharp Treble hooks that are known for high durability and flexibility, perfectly suitable for salt and freshwater.  #4 Hook.
  • Upgraded Hooks Rings: Quality Flat Steel Rings
  • Charging Cable – 2 Clamps + USB
  • Charging Time / Operating Time: 2 Hours / 3 Hours

Mecha Minnow Simply Works!

Let’s face it, you can’t catch any fish unless your lure gets their attention, and the Mecha Minnow does just that!  From the moment it hits the water, nearby fish are alerted. It starts to flash, buzz, and twitch within seconds, perfectly visible even in dark and dingy waters, sending out distress signals nearby and entice gamefish to strike at it.  When you reel it in, the side-to-side action causes the encased steel balls to bob around, sending out yet another subtle audible wave that the gamefish could hear from miles away.  This combination is so effective, no wonder thousands of anglers swear by the Mecha Minnow!


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Mecha Minnow Is A Floating Bait

One of the Mecha Minnow’s beginner-friendly features is the built-in bill, which makes the Mecha Minnow float after the initial cast, so you can retrieve it slowly or keep it out there for a while.  Chances of this lure snagging on debris at the bottom are low, giving you a much more enjoyable experience, and of course, your wallet will thank you!

There are many ways to rig your floating lure, and one of the most popular methods is to add a sinker in the middle of the line, keeping your lure at mid-range.  You can definitely experiment with where to put the sinker, and that’s the fun of fishing, ain’t it?
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Additional information



Durable ABS material

Reusable&Environment protective



Model Number





Rechargeable Electronic Lure


Artificial Bait

Working Time


Charge Time






9 reviews for Mecha Minnow

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  2. D***z

    Now Play try it

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    Все супер!

  4. M***l

    مميزة هذي القطعة شكرا لكم وشكرا لثقتكم

  5. V***o

    в воде замыкает и начинает светится. нужно побывать. так не скажу

  6. F***s

    Соответствует описанию. Светит и вибрирует. Будет время, попробую разловить.

  7. S***v

    Quality is good, charging goes, we will try on the water. Delivery fast Irkutsk 2 weeks

  8. T***t

    The minnow is excellent! It works – in water emits light and vibrations. The charger works. Hooks can be changed. The parcel travelled about 40 days.

  9. Customer


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