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    A perfect companion for your next fishing trip comes with three sensitivity adjustments, this spring-loaded mount pulls up your fishing rod at the first sign of biting, grabbing your catch by the mouth and causing less damage to the fish.  This is perfect for anyone with multiple fishing rods to maximize results.

  • An ingenious device that instantly clips on your fishing rod and alerts you when fish take the bait.  You can now effectively fish with multiple rods at different fishing spots nearby while staying true to the game.  The loud alarm and bright blue LED light could alert you instantly from far away.


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    TIE RELIABLE KNOTS EVERY TIME! A fisherman’s best friend, complete with a nail knot fork, line clipper, eyelet cleaner, and hook sharpener, this combo tool is a MUST-HAVE fishing accessory. It ensures you have a properly tied knot that won’t fail. Tie your entire fly line with this tool from the backer to the leader. Or make the perfect knot for simple hooks and lures. Clipper jaws are razor-sharp and can be re-sharpened.

  • EZ Hook Remover tool is a nice little tool that allows you to remove fishing hooks from your catches easily and safely.  Made with stainless steel, this little gadget will last for a lifetime but because it is so handy, made sure you keep an eye on it when going on a fishing trip with friends, it may mysteriously appear in someone else’s toolbox.

  • This Lifelike River Roach Soft Lure is a perfect 3D-scanned soft bait with exceptional details that will surely attract your next catch’s attention.  Thanks to the T-style paddled tail design, this lure will swim and kick, simulating a nervous flank action, which is irresistible to nearby fish.

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    A portable lure, rod, and combo kit which includes a telescopic fishing rod, a spinning fishing reel, a 100m fishing line, artificial baits, fishing hooks, jig head, barrel swivels, minnows lures, fishing floats, a portable, lightweight storage/carry bag. The fishing gear kit is perfect for fishing lovers and new anglers.

  • Its ingenious design triggers rod-pulling action when fish takes the bait, hooking them by mouth. The adjustable sensitivity setting allows you to go for the big fish, while the bendable design enables you to use it as a regular fishing rod.

  • Ingenious design makes fishing easy and fun.  When a fish takes your bait, high tension carbon spring kicks in and pulls on the hook.  Your hook is properly set in a fish’s mouth without extra damage.  Because of the quick spring action, this device is also great for catching and releasing.

  • Each set of pliers is made of high-grade stainless steel and features an ergonomically molded comfort grip handle to keep your hand from fatigue or slippage. Spring-assist jaw action is perfect for any occasion.  Lightweight and multi-functional for everyday carry.

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    Angler’s Pro Rod Bag is made with water-resistant, heavy-duty, and light-weighted canvas cloth. You can now carry and store your prized gear without tangles, dust, or those pesky cobwebs in your garage.  Easily fit 6 to 8 rods and reels, with side compartments for your tackle and lure boxes.

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    The non-stretchable line is much less likely to break, suitable for fresh and seawater.  Known for its thin diameter, our braided multifilament fishing line usually extends your cast by a huge margin.  The vibrant color selections allow you to see your lines and easily spot movements, making it the top choice for dirty or muddy waters.

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    Made with Aluminium Alloy, this fish landing net is meant to last. The fish landing net is perfect for safe catch and release, and because of the long extension, you can rest assured that it will not harm the fish more.  Perfect for trout bass fishing, and you can use it on kayaks, boats, wade, stream, ice fishing, or any outdoor adventures.



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